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Lorraine and Ed Warren travel to north London to help a single mother raising four children alone in a house plagued by malicious spirits.

In 1976, paranormal agents Ed and Lorraine Warren report the Amityville murders at the Amityville house, to decide whether a devilish nearness was genuinely in charge of Ronald DeFeo Jr. killing his family on November 13, 1974, and the resulting frequenting episode including the Lutz family. Amid a seance, Lorraine is drawn into a dream where she remembers the homicides. A satanic religious recluse figure shows up and draws her to the cellar, where she witnesses Ed being speared before breaking out of the vision.

In 1977, the Hodgson family starts to encounter interesting events in their home in the London suburb of Enfield. Janet, the second most established of four youngsters, is seen sleepwalking and bantering in her fantasies with an element as an irate elderly man, who demands that the house is his. In the end, all the Hodgson kin and their mom Peggy witness paranormal occasions happening just before their eyes, driving them to look for shelter with their neighbors. At the point when the media endeavors to meet the Hodgsons, Janet is controlled by the soul of the elderly man, Bill Wilkins, who is uncovered to have beforehand lived and kicked the bucket in the house. Amid the ownership, Wilkins expresses that he appreciates tormenting the family and needs to recover his home. As Janet hints at more satanic ownership, the story in the end achieves the Warrens, and their help is asked for to help the neighborhood church in an examination to demonstrate regardless of whether Janet’s ownership is a trick. Lorraine, dreadful that her vision of Ed’s passing may move toward becoming reality, cautions him not to get excessively associated with the case, but rather she reluctantly consents to go to London with him. She has yet another vision of the wicked cloister adherent in Ed’s investigation wherein the evil spirit says its name, which Lorraine jots in her Bible.

While remaining at the Hodgson home, Ed and Lorraine counsel with other paranormal specialists, including Maurice Grosse and Anita Gregory, on the authenticity of the case. They additionally endeavor to speak with Wilkins’ soul, wanting to persuade him to quit frequenting the family. One night, after the Hodgsons witness Janet being controlled, Gregory presents video confirmation of Janet deliberately destroying the kitchen as though for a functional joke, along these lines disparaging the frequenting. In view of this revelation, Ed and Lorraine feel they must choose the option to leave the family all alone however soon find that the soul of Wilkins is just a pawn being controlled by the satanic pious devotee, to frequent Janet and break her will. Lorraine at that point understands that her capacities have been obstructed by the wicked sister, keeping her from getting a handle on reality of Janet’s ownership.

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