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I Am Heath Ledger

I Am Heath Ledger

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The life and career of an actor, artist, and icon. His own journey through his own camera.

In the event that there is any one picture you detract from “I Am Heath Ledger,” it’s that of Ledger gazing into the camera, turning it around and around, making his own kind of off the cuff DV-selfie variant of the whirling camera POV move two part harmonies in “Saturday Night Fever” and “Carrie.” The shots are symbolic for several reasons. Record, as we learn, was continually shooting and capturing things, including himself and his companions; it was a piece of his impulse to make workmanship, to channel his experience through a huge range of focal points. The abundance of pictures he abandoned is a demonstration of that imaginative yearning. However the way that he got off on shooting himself so much puts forth its own particular expression. “I Am Heath Ledger” is a picture of the craftsman as a radiant youthful narcissist, a self-invoked big name picture creator. He was continually driving himself to the following level, which is the reason, at 28 years old (when he kicked the bucket), he was at that point the best performing artist of his age. Be that as it may, some portion of that blessing was for transforming the world into his mirror.

Coordinated by Adrian Buitenhuis and Derik Murray, “I Am Heath Ledger” is a narrative history, worked around hours of secretly shot film, that is whimsical and from numerous points of view frequenting, on the grounds that it takes you up near the individual Heath Ledger was: a genuine free soul, who lived without the tenets a great many people in the diversion business stick to — and without the limits. Brought up in Perth, Australia, he’s portrayed by his mom, Sally Bell, as a wild child who was not going to settle down, regardless of what anybody let him know, so his folks basically trusted (and believed) that he would turn out OK, regardless of whether that implied he cleared out home as an adolescent, cruising into the city for enterprise. He officially had the supernatural certainty of notoriety, which is one reason he floated into acting and ended up in Los Angeles, prevailing upon individuals wherever he landed.

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